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Standing with Standing Rock

We are witnessing a historical event in North Dakota with the peaceful protection of water by the indigenous people of the Standing Rock tribe.

Tribes from all over North America have come together to protect the water that we all are depending on, fighting for their right to their water, but also standing up for millions of people in the US who are also dependent on clean water from the Missouri river.

The world wide support doesn’t just include other indigenous people, but all kinds of people.

To me this is the birth of something completely new where these tribes that have been so mistreated and abused are showing us all the way. Protecting Mother Earth and fighting a peaceful fight in the midst of brutal violence met by militarized police.

There’s a lot of in depth information on this if you aren’t updated on it.
For example you can check out this one:

Homepage of The Standing Rock Tribe

I stand with Standing Rock.

I honour the native tribes who are leading us through this and I pray with you. 💚💜🙏🏻🌈

In Love, Light and Peace

Is my Will different from the Will of God?

While reading “The Book of Love” by Kathleen McGowan I came across a part that speaks of being in service to God, to serve and follow God’s will and not my own.
My primary reaction to this was quite interesting, feeling resistance and some anger. I realize at that moment that this is something I need to work with.

In the process of surrendering and letting go, a part of it to me is all about letting go of my own will and what the ego wants and says. What is then so hard about letting go of my will?
“I know how it goes. I end up loosing it all as always before. Why would it be different this time?”
This part of me is possible to talk to. By doing that through my journal I also bring forth the parts of me that needs healing, bringing it to the light and by doing this, processing it.

This works for me so I do it every day. Layer by layer until I am free, free from within. 🙂

So right now I am focusing on letting go of my will and follow God’s will. Trusting that all will reveal itself in divine and perfect timing I know the resistance will disappear when the process is finished.
Step by step with patience and perserverence I will be free.

But is really my will not the will of Mother Father God?

I wish you a blessed day wherever you are!

In Love and Light


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