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The road ahead

It’s been quite a while since I posted and a lot has happened, of course 😉

I have been participating in several light projects with Michelle Manders and her husband Sean of Palace of Peace during this time. Some just etheric and others in physical.

The previous one, that finished late December, was focusing on Morocco and was about The Return of The Starseeders. During that project (which was purely etheric) I was very clearly asked by Mother Earth to speak for her. That made me a bit confused, since speaking hasn’t been “my thing”. Writing, yes, but not speaking. Speaking would also be something different to me than talking, where you more talk about things. What I felt with this was more that I would stand up for her and speak out, loud and clear. I didn’t really know what to do with that, so I left it at that with the trust that all would be revealed in divine and perfect timing.

What then happened when being outdoors was I heard her speak to me. With a very soft, slow and yet powerful voice using few words. Some of these was repeated continuously for several days, showing me the importance of them, keeping focus on them.  I’ve been writing these down and also having them in my system, hearing them and also feeling them.

Parallell to this I’ve taken up composing music again. Something I’ve been doing since I was a kid, but not that much for a few years. This kind of “exploded” in December, where the creativity was just overflowing from within and the music was flowing within with great joy and ease.

This ended up in a music piece with Mother Earth’s messages coming through my voice as I interpret it. Adding to it, at the same time as I’m learning the tools, I’ve been putting pictures to the music I create.

This is the result of the first published Mother Earth message so far:

Please enjoy in joy!

In Infinite Love and Light <3


New free Channeling from Palace of Peace



A new pilgrimage with Michelle Manders is planned to take place in Bali in April 2013. I recieved an invitiation to this yesterday with in itinerary. There is a background explanation and an old chenneling from 2006 connected to the pilgrimage: Sirian initiation with Kuthumi from February 2006. I went through this initiation last night and found it very powerful and helpful. So I thought I would share the link with you here. The channeling is done by Michelle 🙂

You can find it here:


Please enjoy in joy! 🙂


In Love and Light




Egyptian Pilgrimage Channeling


In the process of preparing for the pilgrimage to Egypt in december Michelle has channeled 2 messages from Mary Magdalene and the Ascended Masters.

The first one was very powerful and made me feel extremely humble and touched bringing me to tears. I feel deeply honoured to be a part of this journey and the group going there.

I have noticed a shift in energies during the past two weeks and an increased sensibility. In the forest a couple of days ago I recieved some beautiful sound/music in combination with some geometrical patterns that worked through me like a bertical spiral. Very powerful and beautiful 🙂
I also feel happy and an inner peace and power that is new to me.
It’s such a fantastic journey in itself!

The channelings are available on the Palace of Peace website if you are interested. Palace of Peace

You can also find 2 free channelings connected to what this work is all about. I will get back to one of them specifically in connection to the importance of coming back to Mother Nature. 🙂

May you have a blessed, beautiful day! 🙂

In Love and Light


New powerful, free channeling from Michelle Manders and Palace of Peace


Journey into the Divinity of your Sacred Signature

I went through this channeling yesterday. It is very helpful and powerful. I hope you may have good use for it as well!

May you have a magical day full of blessings!

In Love and Light

New channeling from Michelle Manders in Palace of Peace

Stepping into 10th Dimension – Return of the Monad – Part 2 – Kuthumi-Agrippa 17-08-2012 Mp3

Palace of Peace channelings shop


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