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Crystal clear

Free grown ice crystals on the lake a cold winter day.

Very similar to the pics of Masaru Emoto that show us how water crystals are shaped depending on the energetic imprinting we put on them.

If you haven’t heard of him or his work, you may enjoy watching this video:Β Video on Masarau Emoto’s work

The energy around the crystals is crisp and clear, crystal clear and I can’t help myself from thinking abut the connection to the geometric shapes formed by beautiful words and energy on water crystals. With these beautiful shapes the energy creating them have definitely done an exquisite job. Is it the energy of love?

It makes me feel crisp and fresh and happy in any case πŸ™‚

Enjoying it fully I am.



Footprints On Our Path

We finally have some snow up here, which makes such a difference. When we are in the middle of winter we do have just a tiny bit of light each day, unless it’s cloudy πŸ˜‰ Snow on the ground makes such a difference by lightening it all up.

It’s also interesting to see that when you are out you all of a sudden see tracks. Tracks from animals, people, cars or bicycles that you may not as easily be able to see otherwise. I find the traces from the wild animals most fascinating, because those animals are most rare to meet. With the snow it’s as if I get more close to them and they become more real, just by their tracks appearing so obvious. But the fact is that they are here during the whole season. Of course they can shift and change their routes, but they are still around. It’s just that their tracks aren’t as obvious to me. I need to look for them in a different way.

It strikes me that it’s a bit like with us humans. We always leave footprints wherever we go, whatever we do. We may not always be aware of it, but we still do. Sometimes they are easy for others to see, sometimes not. But they are still there.

And sometimes we walk our own way, where no-one else have been before, creating new paths for others to follow. Breaking new ground. Or just walking in the footsteps of others before us, simply because we don’t always have the need to break new ground.

Tracks and footprints tell a story if we wish to see and hear it. And there are so many dimensions to it.

I love checking them out when in nature and to try and figure out what animal it is, why has it been right there and where it was heading. Sometimes I walk the animal tracks and connect with the animals that have created the path. Becoming one with them and with Mother Earth. That is a walking meditation for me and opens a flow of creative energy within me that is very helpful and needed in handling the everyday world around me.

Also helping me to walk my talk, which is very important to me. If IΒ just talk and don’t walk that talk – then how Β can I be trusted?

So I just keep on walking, enjoying it and keep watching those footprints, tracks and paths shown in the snow. πŸ™‚


Wishing you a happy day in love and joy! <3


Younglings Give Me Hope

Walking in the forest I saw these younglings and was filled with such joy and hope for our future. The pure, innocent energy within these little pines carried a message to me: “Take good care of us and help us create a world where we can coexist side by side. ”

Native American tradition talks about seven generations as in: we need to have that in mind when making decisions. 

“Before this is decided – how will it affect the next 7 generations? ”

This is a simple question. Simple and yet very powerful that also takes a great deal of courage to act upon. Because if we really would consider that question in all decisions made the world would look much different.  It would be a sustainable world where we would have a possibility to live in peace and harmony with each other and Mother Nature for a long lasting time.

At least that is how I see it : very simple and very powerful. 

Let’s take good care of the younglings and make responsible choices for the world to be a beautiful place for us all to live in. πŸ’š
In love and light


Happy Mother Earth Day

 I used to be allergic. To cats, dogs, different trees, grass most of all. This robbed me totally from the season of spring. I could never enjoy spring. It was more to endure and get through it with the help of different kinds of medicine. Pretty awful at times really. 
Today I don’t have that. I am free from those allergies, which is a story in itself, but that’s the way it is and that is absolutely awesome:-)

 I’ve caught up with a lot of stuff thanks to that, including having a horse and a dog and have felt an immense gratitude for being able to do that.  

Still the most beautiful thing is to be able to enjoy spring.!  To walk outside and look at and sense the green explosion without getting ill. Listen to the birds going crazy, watching the whole scenery shifting from day to day with the light encreasing.  It’s like a big miracle! And I so love it! πŸ™‚

Being able to enjoy Mother Earth like this fills me with deep love, joy and gratitude and also reminds me once again of the simple gifts and pleasures in life. πŸ’š

Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Earth! πŸ’š

In happitude and love πŸ˜€


Spring is here!Β 

The sun stays up longer now and I can feel the difference. The light brings more energy and the sun more joy and easy- breezie living. People are thawing and slowing their pace to enjoy more. And the flowers are beginning to flower again, bringing their simple beauty to the world just by being.

My heart is filled with grateful joy for the simple pleasures that Mother Earth is bringing us if we are still for a moment and just see, listen and sense.

So much love all around us. πŸ’š

And so simple to be grateful for it. ⭐️

Infinite love and blessings


The road ahead

It’s been quite a while since I posted and a lot has happened, of course πŸ˜‰

I have been participating in several light projects with Michelle Manders and her husband Sean of Palace of Peace during this time. Some just etheric and others in physical.

The previous one, that finished late December, was focusing on Morocco and was about The Return of The Starseeders. During that project (which was purely etheric) I was very clearly asked by Mother Earth to speak for her. That made me a bit confused, since speaking hasn’t been “my thing”. Writing, yes, but not speaking. Speaking would also be something different to me than talking, where you more talk about things. What I felt with this was more that I would stand up for her and speak out, loud and clear. I didn’t really know what to do with that, so I left it at that with the trust that all would be revealed in divine and perfect timing.

What then happened when being outdoors was I heard her speak to me. With a very soft, slow and yet powerful voice using few words. Some of these was repeated continuously for several days, showing me the importance of them, keeping focus on them. Β I’ve been writing these down and also having them in my system, hearing them and also feeling them.

Parallell to this I’ve taken up composing music again. Something I’ve been doing since I was a kid, but not that much for a few years. This kind of “exploded” in December, where the creativity was just overflowing from within and the music was flowing within with great joy and ease.

This ended up in a music piece with Mother Earth’s messages coming through my voice as I interpret it. Adding to it, at the same time as I’m learning the tools, I’ve been putting pictures to the music I create.

This is the result of the first published Mother Earth message so far:

Please enjoy in joy!

In Infinite Love and Light <3


Walking on water

It’s pretty cold outside today. Cold and sunny.

So I went out for a walk to talk with Mother Nature dressed in very warm clothes. Father Sun met me just outside the door with a big rising smile.
I received this energy, making me smile and feeling good and felt deep gratitude for it. We all know that here in the northern hemisphere it gets brighter every day from the turning point of the winter solstice, but this winter I have really been impatient in waiting for a noticeable change of more daylight. Today this is being noticed with the help of Father Sun. It is of course all in Divine and perfect order, though my humanness does need to be remembered of this as well at times. πŸ™‚

Just being outside in the sunshine walking in the snow and cold was a pleasure in itself. Enjoying the here and now is often an art in itself. Today it was easy. It was also easy to get into a meditative state while walking.
It’s a five minute walk down to the lake and when I got there I noticed that the heavy snowfall from a couple of days ago covered the lake except for where someone had plowed away the snow creating “roads” on the ice.

The ice looked good, thick and of good quality, so I went out on it. At this time of year this is definitely one of the things I love to do because it feels like magic. You can suddenly walk on the water and the lake is available to you in a whole new way making it easy to access the other land areas around the lake. Today was also filled with extra magic with the sunlight breaking through, mist over the lake that made it all feel like Avalon.

In the middle of the lake I stopped for a ceremony of spontanious gratitude. I often do this when out in Mother Nature and I always feel this beautiful loving gratitude from her. Standing there on the ice, the frozen water I also felt the simple miracle and magic of standing and walking on water enabled by the season. So often we have this belief that miracles need to be big, but there are so many miracles that happens every day if we only have eyes to see them.

A couple of days ago a bus driver gave me the warmest smile and chat on a morning when I allowed myself to be affected by stress. That miracle helped me shift the energies for that day. It was absolutely beautiful! And also so simple.

Today I was blessed with the miracle of walking on water.

May you also be blessed with magical miracles on your day! <3


In Love and Light

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