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Picture taken from my neighborhood 🙂

The past couple of weeks I have been experiencing a lot of reconnections to other worlds and star beings as well as to who I am, remembering more.

This was a bit overwhelming as well as mind-blowing to me and part of my honoring this reconnection as well as processing it was to create music accordingly.

That piece of music is what I wish to share with you here and now 🙂

Based on the natural frequency of A=432Hz as usual.

Enjoy in Joy!


Just click the link below:

Reconnection with Lena LightFeather and The Invisible Ones


May the Force be with you! 😉


In Light and Love <3



Northern LightFeather Productions 💚


The Goddess Emerging 

The picture above is from the beach the other day 🙂


In the middle of the Venus retrograde on the lips of so many aware, astrology interested people I am attending another excellent workshop with Michelle Manders (from Palace of Peace) with the title: Goddess Emerging Workshop. This is an opportunity to dive deeper into myself and specifically my Goddess Self where part of it is what Michelle describes as:

“In the 4 classes we will address some of your core debilitating belief systems and taboo’s about what women are and meant to be, as well as your own concept of self, your self-worth, and how you slice and dice your Goddess Self to the degree that she cannot emerge fully and in some cases not at all.”

So not exactly a walk in the everyday park, but quite challenging, at the same time as with all this kind of work so extremely rewarding! 🙂

In the process of digging into it and working through my stuff I put a piece of music together that is titled “Goddess Emerging”.

It is instrumental at this point, but will most likely be followed by a version with sounds and words. Those keep shifting with the process though, so that part isn’t finished yet.

Meanwhile I choose to share the instrumental version with you here.


Goddess Emerging  (Lena LightFeather and The Invisible Ones) 

As always it is based on the natural frequency of A=432Hz 🙂

If you wish to download it you can do that here:
Goddess Emerging -Instrumental


Please enjoy in joy! <3


In Love and Light



A Forgiveness Rap

The Forgiveness Rap

Just click the above link to listen to it 🙂

I have been working a lot on forgiveness lately and use the mantra below with that, as I find it very helpful. At one point I felt I needed to use it through out the day, but couldn’t really do it out loud as I wanted so I just recorded it and put music to it so that I could listen to it and quietly “sing a long” with it. That worked very well for me. And it still does. 🙂

All tuned in A=432Hz empowering frequency 😉

Sharing it here as someone else might have use for it too.

Infinite Love and Light <3 Lena

I am forgiveness acting here

Casting out all doubt and fear

Setting men forever free

With wings of cosmic victory

I am calling in full power

For forgiveness every hour

To all life in every place

I flood forth forgiving grace

A tribute to Joan of Arc


One of my great heroes is Joan of Arc as well as all Light Warriors and warrioresses around the world.

Inspired by her I put some music together to honor her and also to help me keeping my own fighting spirit up.

Sharing it here for anyone else that needs inspiration and might like it.

It’s based on the A=432Hz frequency that is empowering in itself.

I will also upload it to the Happy Sound page together with the other tunes from before 🙂

Please enjoy in joy! <3


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