My mission  is to help people help themselves and the services I offer are based on that.

The services below are what I offer you right now. Everything is possible which at times may include you having something not listed here you want help with. Maybe we can include it or – if not- I can help you find someone else that can assist you.
My contact info is on the bottom of the page. 🙂

  • Multidimensional Energy Sessions 101
    • Personalized sessions based on specific situations or questions:
      • Going to the root causes.
      • Clearing, cleansing and healing multidimensionally.
      • The service includes energy surgery, crossover healing over lifetimes, dimensions, realities and space with entity removal, implant and device removals, cleansing and clearing procedures, chakra clearing, sound healing to mention a few.
    • I also do cord cutting, cleansing and clearing between individuals and groups.
    • Energy balancing and grounding
    • Energy support
    • The energy exchange for an hour is 150 USD.For bookings please contact me at the e-mail address below and I will get back to you.
  • Group Healing – Clearing Sessions
    • Once a week I  do a group healing session for anyone interested.
      It is based on what each and everyone wants assistance with, which is then included in it.
      This is an affordable option where I do some of these as a free service. The other ones are 20 USD/ session.If you are interested in times and dates, please drop me an email at the address below 🙂
  • Workshops on Spiritual Protection and Security 101 and as Video on Demand
    • What and why do I need to protect myself from?
    • The different steps of protection and security
      • The basics: Self Management
      • Prevention
      • What to do when shit happens
      • Follow through after shit has happened
    • Techniques to use to protect yourself
    • Personal feedback and coaching in small groups
  • Individual Support on Spiritual Protection and Security:
    Depending on your situation I can assist you with designing specific procedures for your protection, clear and cleanse  you and whatever else needs it and help you find a way that resonates with you in getting a good protection in place. Each case is different and treated as such with a uniques design for your specific needs.
  • Intuitive Life Strategy coaching 101 and Video on Demand format
    • How to reach the goals and visions of your life
    • How to create the life you want
    • How to thrive in this lifetime
  • Teaching and coaching through webinars and 101 based on Management Inside Out:
    • Taking full responsibility for your life from within yourself
      • Keeping things Simple
      • Get back to Basics – Returning to Mother Earth
        • The Teachings of Mother Earth
      • The Power of Gratitude
      • The Power of Joy and Light Feathers
      • Connecting with your soul through the arts (music, painting)

Is any of the above of interest to you?

You can either use the form below or send me an e-mail to:

Thanks for dropping by!

In Love and Joy!

Lena <3

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