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Note to Self When Dealing with Stubborn Ego Issues

I intend to be free. Free from old programming and belief systems, free to live an authentic life, inside out. Stepping up and out into an energy that is called The Rainbow Lightbody. (Check out the  free channeling for South Africa and USA from October 7 on Michelle Manders’ freebie page at if you are interested in more info on it 😊 )

The way to that freedom and that energy for me is to be brutally honest with myself in stepping out of those old programs and belief systems within me. Brutally honest and aware of myself to recognize what’s going on in me and how my lower ego tries to trick me so that I don’t do the work needed for me to get to my intended freedom.

In my case this programs have been part of my survival and to the degree that they are deeply rooted and very stubborn. The resistance from my lower ego has thus been just as stubborn.

What I have done is to work with handing it all over to my Higher Self as in when something has come up I immediatly stop myself and say to myself: I hand this over to my higher self. My Higher Self is much more powerful than my lower ego negative thinking. (As have been suggested by the Masters in the channelungs provided by Michelle Manders) This phrase is what I have used repeatedly. Some days when I started hundreds of times, not always noticing any effect of it until the next day. Then after doing this for a few days I started noticing major shifts that continued with me sticking to doing it, resulting in finally not having to use it that often any more.

I trust the Masters and I know they don’t suggest processes like this unless it works. So even if my lower ego has had doubts I have used it as suggested, trusting that I at some point will se results from it. And indeed it has worked out well with this reprogramming. I still use it at times, when something is going on and now it shifts more or less immediatly. To me I’ve come to work with and trust my Higher Self with this and have a totally different peaceful energy with it than before.

Bottomline is that I realized with all of this that when my old programming is that stubborn I just need to be even more stubborn (determined, patient, perservering) in order for me to transcend it. Stick to the process and not to give in 😊.

Hang on in there if you are experiencing something similar❣
In love, light and peace ☮🕉💚💜❤️🙏🏻


The Hopi Life Path

We have so much to learn from the indigenous people around the world. Native Americans are very close to my heart and these Youtube clips are about the 2 different life paths according to the Hopi people.

It is time for us to rise up together as One and choose our path in service of Mother Earth and all of humanity.

Enjoy in joy❣💚💜🙏🏻🌈



Footprints On Our Path

We finally have some snow up here, which makes such a difference. When we are in the middle of winter we do have just a tiny bit of light each day, unless it’s cloudy 😉 Snow on the ground makes such a difference by lightening it all up.

It’s also interesting to see that when you are out you all of a sudden see tracks. Tracks from animals, people, cars or bicycles that you may not as easily be able to see otherwise. I find the traces from the wild animals most fascinating, because those animals are most rare to meet. With the snow it’s as if I get more close to them and they become more real, just by their tracks appearing so obvious. But the fact is that they are here during the whole season. Of course they can shift and change their routes, but they are still around. It’s just that their tracks aren’t as obvious to me. I need to look for them in a different way.

It strikes me that it’s a bit like with us humans. We always leave footprints wherever we go, whatever we do. We may not always be aware of it, but we still do. Sometimes they are easy for others to see, sometimes not. But they are still there.

And sometimes we walk our own way, where no-one else have been before, creating new paths for others to follow. Breaking new ground. Or just walking in the footsteps of others before us, simply because we don’t always have the need to break new ground.

Tracks and footprints tell a story if we wish to see and hear it. And there are so many dimensions to it.

I love checking them out when in nature and to try and figure out what animal it is, why has it been right there and where it was heading. Sometimes I walk the animal tracks and connect with the animals that have created the path. Becoming one with them and with Mother Earth. That is a walking meditation for me and opens a flow of creative energy within me that is very helpful and needed in handling the everyday world around me.

Also helping me to walk my talk, which is very important to me. If I just talk and don’t walk that talk – then how  can I be trusted?

So I just keep on walking, enjoying it and keep watching those footprints, tracks and paths shown in the snow. 🙂


Wishing you a happy day in love and joy! <3


The Goddess Emerging 

The picture above is from the beach the other day 🙂


In the middle of the Venus retrograde on the lips of so many aware, astrology interested people I am attending another excellent workshop with Michelle Manders (from Palace of Peace) with the title: Goddess Emerging Workshop. This is an opportunity to dive deeper into myself and specifically my Goddess Self where part of it is what Michelle describes as:

“In the 4 classes we will address some of your core debilitating belief systems and taboo’s about what women are and meant to be, as well as your own concept of self, your self-worth, and how you slice and dice your Goddess Self to the degree that she cannot emerge fully and in some cases not at all.”

So not exactly a walk in the everyday park, but quite challenging, at the same time as with all this kind of work so extremely rewarding! 🙂

In the process of digging into it and working through my stuff I put a piece of music together that is titled “Goddess Emerging”.

It is instrumental at this point, but will most likely be followed by a version with sounds and words. Those keep shifting with the process though, so that part isn’t finished yet.

Meanwhile I choose to share the instrumental version with you here.


Goddess Emerging  (Lena LightFeather and The Invisible Ones) 

As always it is based on the natural frequency of A=432Hz 🙂

If you wish to download it you can do that here:
Goddess Emerging -Instrumental


Please enjoy in joy! <3


In Love and Light



Time for Reflection

These days people are busy.

Busy, busy, busy.

What counts is action, action, action. And there is not much time to reflect. To stop and sit with things for a while, get perspective on things, see the bigger picture, take time to digest things and ask those questions that needs to be asked.  Connect with our higher self and tap into the wisdom we all embody. As well as have time to dream. Our dreams build our future and are important 🙂

Reflection time is often considered non valuable time since you don’t produce things when you reflect. At least not at that point in time when you are doing it.

It’s a sad thing, because we need to have that time. We need to be able to and be allowed to reflect on things in order to move forward with a new view based on what we’ve experienced already.

So just let’s keep on reflecting and create the world we want to live in! <3


In happitude!


Spring is here! 

The sun stays up longer now and I can feel the difference. The light brings more energy and the sun more joy and easy- breezie living. People are thawing and slowing their pace to enjoy more. And the flowers are beginning to flower again, bringing their simple beauty to the world just by being.

My heart is filled with grateful joy for the simple pleasures that Mother Earth is bringing us if we are still for a moment and just see, listen and sense.

So much love all around us. 💚

And so simple to be grateful for it. ⭐️

Infinite love and blessings


Palace of Peace Middle East Project 2015

akashic records

Co~creating Heaven on Earth Phase 2

Anchoring the GoldPrint for the 1000 years of Peace

Activation week 10 – 16 July 2015

(Please click on the picture above to read the full information on the Palace of Peace website. )

This is the next exciting project from Palace of Peace starting up now.

Very exciting times!

Except from the presentation:

During this project we are working through some very specific themes enabling us to harness the energies so that we continue to serve as the reflections of Mother Earth, thus our healing is her healing. The themes for this project including Hungary and Romania are:

~ Self-responsibility ~ This entails ultimate forgiveness of self and the One and Only True Father/Mother God/Goddess of the Light for perceived abandonment, disappointment, and loss.

~ Buidling the Physical & Emotional dimensions of wellness on a new level encompassing the new Prosperity Codes we will be downloading.

~ Building planetary and personal Prosperity Grids.

~ Anchoring & Activating our Prosperity Light Body

~ Activating the next set of Crystal Starlight Portals designed purely to transform dark into light which we will be going into deeper when we physically return to Dubai en route to Egypt in October 2015, and if it’s destined, we will be continuing on to Israel and Jordon too for the Middle East energies to be further anchored. Details TBA.

~ Meet your Initiation Master/s and begin forming a more conscious connection with them in relation to your persoanl initiations and what it means.

~ Kuthumi~Agrippa has confirmed his newly activated Mystery School in Namibia is no longer a mystery school but a University of Illumination. We will be receiving the downloads from KA’s University as more of the Crystal Stargate energies anchor on the African Continent.

~ Shattering the old world debility codes.

~ Receiving your 12 Crystal Chakra Codes from the Akashic Libraries we will be tapping into and creatring your personal 12 chakra tablets which will be downloaded and created by you over a period of time. ”

And so the journey continues. 😀

In love and light <3


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