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Happiness is an Inside Job ;-)


Picture taken from my neighborhood 🙂

The past couple of weeks I have been experiencing a lot of reconnections to other worlds and star beings as well as to who I am, remembering more.

This was a bit overwhelming as well as mind-blowing to me and part of my honoring this reconnection as well as processing it was to create music accordingly.

That piece of music is what I wish to share with you here and now 🙂

Based on the natural frequency of A=432Hz as usual.

Enjoy in Joy!


Just click the link below:

Reconnection with Lena LightFeather and The Invisible Ones


May the Force be with you! 😉


In Light and Love <3



Northern LightFeather Productions 💚


The Goddess Emerging 

The picture above is from the beach the other day 🙂


In the middle of the Venus retrograde on the lips of so many aware, astrology interested people I am attending another excellent workshop with Michelle Manders (from Palace of Peace) with the title: Goddess Emerging Workshop. This is an opportunity to dive deeper into myself and specifically my Goddess Self where part of it is what Michelle describes as:

“In the 4 classes we will address some of your core debilitating belief systems and taboo’s about what women are and meant to be, as well as your own concept of self, your self-worth, and how you slice and dice your Goddess Self to the degree that she cannot emerge fully and in some cases not at all.”

So not exactly a walk in the everyday park, but quite challenging, at the same time as with all this kind of work so extremely rewarding! 🙂

In the process of digging into it and working through my stuff I put a piece of music together that is titled “Goddess Emerging”.

It is instrumental at this point, but will most likely be followed by a version with sounds and words. Those keep shifting with the process though, so that part isn’t finished yet.

Meanwhile I choose to share the instrumental version with you here.


Goddess Emerging  (Lena LightFeather and The Invisible Ones) 

As always it is based on the natural frequency of A=432Hz 🙂

If you wish to download it you can do that here:
Goddess Emerging -Instrumental


Please enjoy in joy! <3


In Love and Light



The road ahead

It’s been quite a while since I posted and a lot has happened, of course 😉

I have been participating in several light projects with Michelle Manders and her husband Sean of Palace of Peace during this time. Some just etheric and others in physical.

The previous one, that finished late December, was focusing on Morocco and was about The Return of The Starseeders. During that project (which was purely etheric) I was very clearly asked by Mother Earth to speak for her. That made me a bit confused, since speaking hasn’t been “my thing”. Writing, yes, but not speaking. Speaking would also be something different to me than talking, where you more talk about things. What I felt with this was more that I would stand up for her and speak out, loud and clear. I didn’t really know what to do with that, so I left it at that with the trust that all would be revealed in divine and perfect timing.

What then happened when being outdoors was I heard her speak to me. With a very soft, slow and yet powerful voice using few words. Some of these was repeated continuously for several days, showing me the importance of them, keeping focus on them.  I’ve been writing these down and also having them in my system, hearing them and also feeling them.

Parallell to this I’ve taken up composing music again. Something I’ve been doing since I was a kid, but not that much for a few years. This kind of “exploded” in December, where the creativity was just overflowing from within and the music was flowing within with great joy and ease.

This ended up in a music piece with Mother Earth’s messages coming through my voice as I interpret it. Adding to it, at the same time as I’m learning the tools, I’ve been putting pictures to the music I create.

This is the result of the first published Mother Earth message so far:

Please enjoy in joy!

In Infinite Love and Light <3


Pilgrim preparation part three

The third channeling in preparation for Egypt arrived yesterday. It was Mary Magdalene who delivered the message.

It was a powerful message to me where much is all about what the driving forces are in ours lives and more specifically in my life. As always it is all about changing from within myself and thus creating a different reality and at the same time affecting the rest of the world outside of my inner.

There is also a direct connection to the time of Atlantis. The changes we are going through are the greatest in Mother Earths’ history since the time of Atlantis and I see more and more how big this really is.

Many are speaking of and have spoken of 12:12:12 and the year 2012 and what is taking place now, but it is also about the years from 2012 up until 2020 where the future of this planet will be determined. The Aquarian age is just in the beginning, rising with us as co-creators.

All this makes me feel very excited and humbled at the same time. It is such a privilege and honor to be an active part of all this.
We all are and what everyone does or doesn’t do has an impact on the whole. Being aware, always in all ways and making deliberate choices along the way is a basic key. When I face my shadows I transform them and myself and when I transform myself I also transform the outer world.

Right now during this process of preparation I sleep very little, have more mood swings than usual and have noticed an increase in my senses. I hear more sound telepathically than usual and have also experienced a beautiful scent a couple of times before going to bed. There’s also a buzzing constantly in my ears since a couple of days. And the outer world is challenging me to a larger degree than normally.

So, trusting and letting go and surrender is the medicine of the day. 🙂

Wishing you a beautiful day full of magic and miracles!

In Love and Light


Happy Buddha time! :-)


Does being spiritual mean that you need to be serious all the time?

I love the happy Buddha and have a few happy Buddhas in my home. Every time I see them I feel happy and I feel lighter. Since I’ve been quite a “serious” person these Buddhas help me in remembering to have fun and en-joy life. I used to think that others wouldn’t take me seriously if I didn’t act seriously all the time. Now I feel rather the opposite. Being happy is a human right and allowing my Self to laugh and have fun is essential and having enough distance to myself to be able to laugh at myself is a strength rather than a weakness. 🙂 I can still be taken for a serious person.
Being spiritual doesn’t mean that we cannot be human. On the contrary I’d say that being human is part of being here. Spiritual people who are denying their “human-ness” are often in the clouds, not walking their talk. I’ve been there and was fortunate to have a very good friend who dared to confront me on this, which resulted in me deciding to walk my talk and also talk my walk. 😉

En-joying life in my human body and taking care of my human body is just as important as praying, affirmation, meditation and other spiritual practices. It’s all different pieces of the puzzle to me that makes the whole me function and feel good.
Being aware is a key of course and having the courage to see parts of myself that are dark or ugly, acknowledge and accept them and bring them into the Light, thus transforming them. I do not always feel happy, but I believe I am positive and use a positive attitude even when facing my dark sides and I’ve noticed that the more darkness I face and transform, the happier I feel. And within
that happiness lies an immense power. 🙂

So I choose to be as happy as possible, finding and seeing things that makes me laugh and smile. Simple as that! 🙂

I wish you a really happy, awesome day! 🙂

In Love and Light



Dancing joy: “Where the hell is Matt?” :-)

Love this guy! 🙂
Makes me feel happy and that we are all One.

Please enjoy in joy 🙂

In Love and Light

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