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I opened up to the spiritual world in 1984 when receiving a crystal healing from my oldest brother. At that time I was studying at a Technical University in Sweden and experiencing a deep crisis in my life. The healing session was profound and gave me an experience where I was completely filled with love and light. I also had a vision of Yeshua walking towards me on a shore during that session, which was a bit overwhelming for me at the time 😉 That experience led me to realize that it was possible to experience such a state even though my programmed, mind questioned it and was very skeptical.

I worked alongside my brother to begin with, researching and exploring different healing modalities and energy methods and realized I had a great natural talent for it. Parallel to this I worked with management in the construction business and later on in the IT business.

I am an intuitive healer and psychic, educated and trained in Universal White Time Healing in Sweden 1993. Music and sound is another means that I use for healing and for spreading light and joy into the world. The empowering aspects of natural sound frequencies often being underestimated. My psychic gifts and strong visions combined with my healing abilities and long experience in management makes me a bridge between the worlds with a unique combination of skills. A driving force in my career is to help improve and evolve people and businesses from a holistic perspective with a profound connection to Mother Earth. I prefer to help people help themselves. Through a lot of intense and hard work on myself I have been richly rewarded. Practicing what I preach is one of the major cornerstones in my life.

My mission is to empower people by empowering themselves, including supporting children – our future – on their way ahead.

I was given the name Light Feather in a vision some years ago. There are a couple of different aspects to it as well:
To be Light as a Feather is part of my daily affirmations. I used to take things so seriously for so many years, that my guides showed me that it is time to be easy breezie about things not trying so hard. This is a beautiful reminder to me 🙂

I have been following the work of the gifted and wonderful Michelle Manders and the work of Palace of Peace and Prosperity since 2008 and have participated in all of the PoP projects since 2012, being a pilgrim on all pilgrimages with extremely valuable, life-changing experiences from them as well as from the etherical projects.
Following the work and doing the work on myself has been and still is more than rewarding.


In infinite Living Unconditional Love and Living Light

Lena <3

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. ‘…that it is now time to be easy breezie about things not trying so hard.’
    Thank you for reminding me (smile),

    1. You’re so welcome!
      I receive reminders myself through all the different kinds of feathers that show up on my path everyday 🙂
      It’s a blessing for which I am deeply grateful. 🙂

  2. ‘…that my guides have shown me that it is now time to be easy breezie about things not trying so hard…’

    Thank you. I forget to get it easy beside being very serious about all the work being done.. <3

    Love, Mateja

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