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Home is Where My Heart Is

I got home to our house feeling empty and lost after two days of intense leadership training.  So I took the dog with me and a backpack with a thermos filled with hot water, tea and something to sit on. Heading for a hill with rocks and a nice view over the lake.

We got there and sat down. Connecting with the rock beneathe me, the trees, the sky, the sun about to set and the lake far below.

Enjoying the view and just being there, one with it all I just knew that my heart belongs to Mother Earth. And home is where my heart is, even though I felt lost earlier on.

We are One.

I am home with Mother Earth. <3

In love and joy!



Picture taken from my neighborhood 🙂

The past couple of weeks I have been experiencing a lot of reconnections to other worlds and star beings as well as to who I am, remembering more.

This was a bit overwhelming as well as mind-blowing to me and part of my honoring this reconnection as well as processing it was to create music accordingly.

That piece of music is what I wish to share with you here and now 🙂

Based on the natural frequency of A=432Hz as usual.

Enjoy in Joy!


Just click the link below:

Reconnection with Lena LightFeather and The Invisible Ones


May the Force be with you! 😉


In Light and Love <3



Northern LightFeather Productions 💚


Younglings Give Me Hope

Walking in the forest I saw these younglings and was filled with such joy and hope for our future. The pure, innocent energy within these little pines carried a message to me: “Take good care of us and help us create a world where we can coexist side by side. ”

Native American tradition talks about seven generations as in: we need to have that in mind when making decisions. 

“Before this is decided – how will it affect the next 7 generations? ”

This is a simple question. Simple and yet very powerful that also takes a great deal of courage to act upon. Because if we really would consider that question in all decisions made the world would look much different.  It would be a sustainable world where we would have a possibility to live in peace and harmony with each other and Mother Nature for a long lasting time.

At least that is how I see it : very simple and very powerful. 

Let’s take good care of the younglings and make responsible choices for the world to be a beautiful place for us all to live in. 💚
In love and light


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