Time for Reflection

These days people are busy.

Busy, busy, busy.

What counts is action, action, action. And there is not much time to reflect. To stop and sit with things for a while, get perspective on things, see the bigger picture, take time to digest things and ask those questions that needs to be asked.  Connect with our higher self and tap into the wisdom we all embody. As well as have time to dream. Our dreams build our future and are important 🙂

Reflection time is often considered non valuable time since you don’t produce things when you reflect. At least not at that point in time when you are doing it.

It’s a sad thing, because we need to have that time. We need to be able to and be allowed to reflect on things in order to move forward with a new view based on what we’ve experienced already.

So just let’s keep on reflecting and create the world we want to live in! <3


In happitude!


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