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Another Light Feather


 Up on the hill I found a new viking monument. A circle of rocks, full of rocks covering it. Most likely a grave. 

Just beside it were these feathers. Waiting to be found. And so we did. 

Sacred feathers at sacred sites. 

And I feel blessed. 💚

Infinite love and Light


Just another Layer

So how much more can there be? 😉

That is an interesting question to which I don’t have an answer. So I keep digging, I just keep on digging.

Digging deeper into myself and finding new stuff, more deep seated stuff and really old stuff that feels like I’ve worked on and let go so many times already.

It’s just deeper layers, getting me closer to the freedom I have intended for.

So, I just keep on digging, like a gold digger.

Knowing that the pearls of wisdom and the gold is there, beneath it all.

Beneath the next layer, the next and the next until it’s all done.

All worth the pain and all the stuff that comes to the surface.

Just another layer.

A new tune as a tribute to the work being done: Just Another Layer with Lena LightFeather and The Invisible Ones 😉

Please enjoy in joy! 🙂

Infinite Love and Joy! <3


Spring is here! 

The sun stays up longer now and I can feel the difference. The light brings more energy and the sun more joy and easy- breezie living. People are thawing and slowing their pace to enjoy more. And the flowers are beginning to flower again, bringing their simple beauty to the world just by being.

My heart is filled with grateful joy for the simple pleasures that Mother Earth is bringing us if we are still for a moment and just see, listen and sense.

So much love all around us. 💚

And so simple to be grateful for it. ⭐️

Infinite love and blessings


Palace of Peace Middle East Project 2015

akashic records

Co~creating Heaven on Earth Phase 2

Anchoring the GoldPrint for the 1000 years of Peace

Activation week 10 – 16 July 2015

(Please click on the picture above to read the full information on the Palace of Peace website. )

This is the next exciting project from Palace of Peace starting up now.

Very exciting times!

Except from the presentation:

During this project we are working through some very specific themes enabling us to harness the energies so that we continue to serve as the reflections of Mother Earth, thus our healing is her healing. The themes for this project including Hungary and Romania are:

~ Self-responsibility ~ This entails ultimate forgiveness of self and the One and Only True Father/Mother God/Goddess of the Light for perceived abandonment, disappointment, and loss.

~ Buidling the Physical & Emotional dimensions of wellness on a new level encompassing the new Prosperity Codes we will be downloading.

~ Building planetary and personal Prosperity Grids.

~ Anchoring & Activating our Prosperity Light Body

~ Activating the next set of Crystal Starlight Portals designed purely to transform dark into light which we will be going into deeper when we physically return to Dubai en route to Egypt in October 2015, and if it’s destined, we will be continuing on to Israel and Jordon too for the Middle East energies to be further anchored. Details TBA.

~ Meet your Initiation Master/s and begin forming a more conscious connection with them in relation to your persoanl initiations and what it means.

~ Kuthumi~Agrippa has confirmed his newly activated Mystery School in Namibia is no longer a mystery school but a University of Illumination. We will be receiving the downloads from KA’s University as more of the Crystal Stargate energies anchor on the African Continent.

~ Shattering the old world debility codes.

~ Receiving your 12 Crystal Chakra Codes from the Akashic Libraries we will be tapping into and creatring your personal 12 chakra tablets which will be downloaded and created by you over a period of time. ”

And so the journey continues. 😀

In love and light <3


3 Common Spiritually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) You Need To Get Tested For

Some very good advice for spiritual people including myself 😉

Enjoy the read!

Infinite Love and Light

Lena <3

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