Spring Equinox – The Time for Thaw

Spring equinox is here, though it doesn’t really look like that outside. 🙂 It still is pretty cold, especially during the nights so it doesn’t really feel like spring yet. One exception though: the light. It sure is possible to notice that the days are longer and that it is much brighter and that’s a perfect sign to me. The winter has been really dark and long so the light is very welcome!

What really struck me when I was out walking the dog on the ice of the lake nearby is that this is the season of thawing. Everything that gets hidden in the snow is now revealed again when the sun melts the snow. Some of the things that comes to the surface is quite unexpected, and others not.

But it’s not just about thaw in the literal sense. We are also thawing from within in a similar way. Being hidden in the dark during the winter the inside is now being thawed by Father Sun. Being outside in the sun is such a pleasure and joy. I just love it! It makes me smile and everything becomes so much easier and lighter. The frozen, dark parts within thaws and life becomes a pleasure. I tend to forget this every year during the winter and am equally surprised when I realize this when the light is back again.

Another thing is that every spring is different, new thoughts, ideas and impressions coming to the surface.

Right now I am dealing with forgiveness. Forgiving myself, my parents and those around me during my formative years is going on. It’s really interesting how this works, since I thought that I was really finished with this. I’ve actually thought that for quite a long time on and off, until it has come back on some other level, needing attention again. Digging deeper each time, towards freedom. Freedom and light. It’s like digging for gold really, becoming amazed along the way at what comes forth. It’s also interesting to see how much the influences from early childhood affect us as grown-ups. This has been shown to me so many times lately in surprising ways. It’s really amazing and it’s also so good to have tools to take care of it. Being aware, noticing what comes up, noticing my own reactions to it, journaling and using the processes provided by the Ascended Masters or my own intuition to heal and transform always works for me. 🙂

Wishing you a beautiful Spring Equinox and a miraculous day!

In Love and Light

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