It’s all about the spaces in between


I rarely watch TV but chose to the other day, just zapping between the channels and found a talk show with 4 to me unknown people sitting at a table. One of these, a young woman who was a singer-songwriter, was going to perform and spoke about her work. She explained what her song was about and why she had written it. The story was about seeing each human being, treat each other with respect and she spoke about the inter-human meetings we all have each day. Meetings between human beings that happens everywhere and all the time.

I found it interesting since she spoke about what I have been thinking about for a while now, though she put it in some different words. No matter what it’s all about what happens in the spaces between. This goes from the smallest to the biggest things. If we take a look at atomic structure it varies from material to material and the bindings between the particles are what holds it together. But it not only holds it together, the structure is dynamic, it is ever changing and constantly moving. And it is all about what happens between the particles in the spaces.

It’s just like with us humans. We are like particles in a bigger structure as well, all interconnected though we don’t always see it that way. When we meet we always interact and exchange energy. Many are aware of this and also aware of how they interact and how this affect others around them. Some has no idea about it and probably don’t care either.

The simple thing is that everything I do affects others. In everyday life it can be the bus driver, the woman in the store, the man you meet on the street. Smiling at someone on the street can have an immense effect just like if you are not doing it. When I smile at someone else there is an exchange of energy between myself and the other person, just like the dynamic between particles in an atomic structure. Similar but different. It all makes a difference how we interact with each other, what we choose to think, say and do. It all affects the other and we all affect each other since we are all One, connected to each other.

On an even larger scale the same is going on between the planets as well. Within a galaxy and then also between different galaxies expanding it further. An ongoing, undying and beautiful exchange and dynamic on all levels that is interconnected in an amazing way.

May you have a beautiful day full of blessings and magic!

In Love and Light


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