The Light arriving

Finally it is possible to notice a difference. It is getting brighter!
During winter in this part of the world the days are very short and it feels a bit like hibernating. The further north, the shorter days. Modern society doesn’t care about this in the sense that we’re all supposed to work same hours during this season as the rest of the year. I think it would be much more clever to adapt to the the flow of Mother nature. During winter we still cannot be as efficient as during the rest of the year. Quite simple really!

As we all know the winter solstice is a turning point in regard to this. The days gets longer after the solstice and this is a relief mentally for many. However this winter has been a tough one for me since we’ve had very little sunshine after the solstice and it hasn’t really been apparent that the days do get longer.
Until now. 🙂
This is also more or less the same every year. During winter and this hibernating, sometimes zombie-like state I almost forget what it is like the rest of the year and that the light will actually come. So when it really is obvious that this is the case I also get filled with new energy, enthusiasm and hope. A new time is coming. The dark is replaced by light day by day until the next solstice. Cyclic this world is and we are in it with our own cycles as well.
Right now I am really enjoying and following this hopeful, energizing shift happening. The hope is obvious – spring will come again and also the light. For this I am extremely grateful!

May you have a beautiful day full of blessings and light! <3

In Light and Love

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