Walking on water

It’s pretty cold outside today. Cold and sunny.

So I went out for a walk to talk with Mother Nature dressed in very warm clothes. Father Sun met me just outside the door with a big rising smile.
I received this energy, making me smile and feeling good and felt deep gratitude for it. We all know that here in the northern hemisphere it gets brighter every day from the turning point of the winter solstice, but this winter I have really been impatient in waiting for a noticeable change of more daylight. Today this is being noticed with the help of Father Sun. It is of course all in Divine and perfect order, though my humanness does need to be remembered of this as well at times. 🙂

Just being outside in the sunshine walking in the snow and cold was a pleasure in itself. Enjoying the here and now is often an art in itself. Today it was easy. It was also easy to get into a meditative state while walking.
It’s a five minute walk down to the lake and when I got there I noticed that the heavy snowfall from a couple of days ago covered the lake except for where someone had plowed away the snow creating “roads” on the ice.

The ice looked good, thick and of good quality, so I went out on it. At this time of year this is definitely one of the things I love to do because it feels like magic. You can suddenly walk on the water and the lake is available to you in a whole new way making it easy to access the other land areas around the lake. Today was also filled with extra magic with the sunlight breaking through, mist over the lake that made it all feel like Avalon.

In the middle of the lake I stopped for a ceremony of spontanious gratitude. I often do this when out in Mother Nature and I always feel this beautiful loving gratitude from her. Standing there on the ice, the frozen water I also felt the simple miracle and magic of standing and walking on water enabled by the season. So often we have this belief that miracles need to be big, but there are so many miracles that happens every day if we only have eyes to see them.

A couple of days ago a bus driver gave me the warmest smile and chat on a morning when I allowed myself to be affected by stress. That miracle helped me shift the energies for that day. It was absolutely beautiful! And also so simple.

Today I was blessed with the miracle of walking on water.

May you also be blessed with magical miracles on your day! <3


In Love and Light

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