Egypt 12:12:12 Pilgrimage Final Preparations

Going on this pilgrimage fills my heart with immense love and gratitude.

It feels so beautiful to be a part of this and I just know that it will change my life on a deep level.

We have all recieved a personal reading from Michelle as part of this pilgrimage. It is based on the date, time and place of birth and linked to the purpose of the pilgrimage. Mine is 58 pages full of information and excercises . It was a stunning read for me. So much information to digest and so exciting. I expected high quality as Michelle always deliver high quality regardless of what it is, but this was even better.

The past week has been very intense in many different ways and I’ve gone through the reading several times with different focus each time as I’ve been guided to. The past few days I’ve been focusing on working with the throat, heart and sacral chakras as adviced in rhe reading. I find it interesting to work on “themes” like in this case, that I have believed I’ve already gone through in all the ways possible and to find that there is still more found beneath the surface. The technique of first finding it in the subconscoius and unconscious parts of my Self and then working through it by journaling, cooperating with the angels and recieve their help and then allowing the healing to take place works excellent for me. It is all in perfect and divine order. As always. <3

My guardian ,assigned to me by Kuthumi Agrippa and Mary Magdalene, and I have a developed a very strong connection in a very short time. She’s a beautiful soul and I feel very fortunate and blessed to have her by my side during this experience. <3

I see more and more how it all fits together and that it is all indeed perfect .

Outside the trees are covered with snow and it looks like it should when December has arrived. I love this kind of winter and so it feels a bit strange to leave it for a totally different climate. Packing the suitcase with clothes for hot summer climate, trying to find a hat to protect me from too much sun feels a bit weird and exciting at the same time. 🙂
I am also looking forward to meeting the rest of this family of light in person. It all feels a bit like going on an Indiana Jones like trip, so it truly is exciting in many different ways.

The plane leaves early Thursday morning and I will be in Cairo in the afternoon. We will then go to Asswan on a domestic flight to meet the rest of the group. I plan to publish pictures here when possible during the trip if you wish to follow us on this exciting mission.

Meanwhile I hope you will have a beautiful day full of blessings and miracles! <3

In Love and Light

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