Preparing for 12:12:12 Pilgrimage in Egypt Part Four


It is getting darker and colder here at home and the Egyptian Pilgrimage is coming closer. My excitement is growing each day and I just can’t wait to get there. And still in many ways the journey has already started.  🙂

The whole team consists of pilgrims, guardians and gatekeepers all working together on site and from other parts of the world ad we are all preparing right now. Each pilgrim is working together with a guardian. We are now connecting to each other and will be doing so during the on site activities as well. The energies are building in an incredible way and to me the past few weeks has been a lot about purging and cleansing. The process is much more intense and effective than I’ve ever experienced ever before in this lifetime. Everything accelerating making me also wonder how I will perceive everything further on. Up until now many of the things that has happened hasn’t been at all like I imagined it to be, which is kind of exciting in itself. 🙂

During the Egyptian pilgrimage the following 12 Golden Oracle Masters will be channelled at each of these sites:

  1. Lord Kuthumi at the Nubian Village in Aswan
  2. Lord El Morya at the Philae Temple in Aswan
  3. Archangel Michael at the Kom Ombo Temple
  4. Lord Serapis Bey at the Temple of Luxor
  5. Lord Syra at the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir El Bahri
  6. St. Germain at the Karnak Temple in Luxor
  7. Lord Soltec at the Temple of Denderah
  8. Lord Maitreya in Hurghada
  9. Lord Merlin in Hurghada
  10. Lord Melchizedek in Hurghada
  11. Lady Nada in Hurghada
  12. Lady Guinevierre in Hurghada

I love maps and put the above planned channelings on one where all could fit the size of the map. This gives a different view and feeling to what will be going on during the pilgrimage. The numbers in the map correspond to the Golden Oracle Masters in the above table where you also find the specific place for each channeling.

There are channelings by all of these Golden Oracle Masters available to go through in the preparation process. If you are interested you can find them at the Palace of Peace website. There is also more information there on Michelle who is leading this pilgrimage and an itinerary if you like to follow us in the work being done.


May you have a blessed and beautiful day! 🙂


In Love and Light



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