11:11 That Special time of Year by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan



Today is 11:11, that specific magical date everyone is talking about. But what is it really about?

This is one of the descriptions of it, one that is written by the very gifted Gillian MacBeth-Louthan that I found resonates very well with me. So I thought I’d share it for those who are interested.

11:11 *GateWay* – “That Special Time Of Year”

“Within the number and sequences of Eleven lives all answers and questions. Eleven teaches us every problem comes as a divine opportunity to discover. It shows us how to see beyond what is everyday and tedious. It ‘trys and tests’ our faith and our belief system. It forces us to listen to that small still quiet voice within the silent witness. It remin

ds us we are all vast beings who have come to earth to help with the healing and awakening process starting with ourselves. It asks you to locate the light within and share it with all. Eleven is our Best Friend and Teacher. As the 11:11 energies enter every cell of your being let them purge you of what has been solidified and blocked. All of heaven known and unknown enters through this 11:11 Gateway. Align with all you know to be love. A flooding of the heart allows you to rise above previous emotional tide lines and the barnacles of the past. Set sail into a heart that is free of debris, free of the definitions of the past.
What is good within you has survived the storms and floods. What was darkened has been cleared and polished into a bright light. You are being reformatted in thought and deed into a place where you can consciously conceive a world that is better what you prayed for. Anoint with this knowledge for a new level of life that has been sequestered bursts forth from your atoms. You are surging with galactic memories and truths that have laid dormant deep within your DNA, waiting for the exact energetic signature to awaken them.
Burst free from the previous shackles of limitation and fly high on the spiraling winds of truth beyond thinking and time contained. Your eternal heart will lead you in the direction of perfect flow. Yes you are coming undone, yes you are releasing, and yes you will lose focus of what you thought was truth. Jump from this bridge of limitation and learn to fly by trust and trust alone. There is no one to stop you, but you. Your life is your own creation, choose either to be a victim or a victor. Ask that all has been done against you now blesses you in the fullness of time. Move toward a longitude of light that awaits your presence. Light has a need to serve to embrace to become one with. Without you the light sits alone in waiting.
11:11 is a number activation sequence. Each time that you see that sequence on a clock it means that you are being given an opportunity to walk into a entrance of creation. The universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts, which are now manifesting at record speed. All in All it is a divine declaration issued to all of earth. Wake-up, and become your true light.
Eleven is also the number of masters. It is an encoded molecular structure of remembrance. This is the Biological Ascension, and 11:11 is the Ascension Doorway. The Light of Ascension comes in many forms and on many levels. It comes not always in one day, or one moment. For we Ascend and descend continually word by word, thought by thought. Ascension is birthed from every breath, every thought, every word.
The 11:11 is a gateway into your highest potential as a human seeking divine memory. One is a singularity within ‘all that is’. The ‘one’ seeks itself through mirror like reflection of the world around it. This doorway offers an opportunity to surpass any limitations you have unknowingly set for yourself. One to one to one enter the oneness hidden deep within your being at the center point of your soul.”// Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

For more information please visit Gillian’s website <3
May you have a blessed and magical 11:11! 🙂
In Love and Light

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