Invitation to a Heavenly Event on 12/12/12

Here’s something interesting from dear Faith Parent Hendrickson:

“On 12/12/12 Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants will be the recipients of the most amazing energies as the heavens open to bless us as we receive energies from the Great Central Sun. The intention of this communication is two-fold: first, to inform you of the blessings coming to us, and secondly, to let you know that many of us lightworkers are assisting in the creation of one of the most powerful conscious grids of light and positive power, and since there is power in numbers, I’m reaching out to those who feel the call to support this divine work. (Click on New Energy Portal Grids for more information.) This is extremely exciting news, as we’ve been working towards this for a very long time!”


May you have a blessed day with beauty and magic!


In Love and Light


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