A leap of faith

Autumn in the forest

I’m in the forest enjoying the season. Taking pics of all the beauty around me. Finding mushrooms and berries led by Spirit. Today there is no rain so I can sit here for a while, have some warm ginger tea and just enjoy being here.

The last few weeks have been extremely intense with me walking on an edge. My work leaves no space for other things I want to do and it seems I am at a crossroads. I have asked Spirit to help and guide me and I am also asking for the courage and strength to follow what is being delivered to me.
I trust that this will come to me now. 🙂

It truly seems that this is the time to let go of all the old fears, just facing them and act anyway. So it really is more about that than finding out what to do.

Isn’t it kind of interesting that I am right now sitting on top of a hill with a beautiful view? Taking this leap of faith is probably the biggest challenge I’ve ever met to be compared to jumping off a cliff to fly. And to fly high. Letting go and let God.
Trust has been one of my greatest challenges for such a long time now. Somehow I know that the time is right now for me to let go of my old life and step into a totally new one. The fears are fears and nothing else. 🙂

Part of being authentic is to know myself and to walk the talk. Going to Egypt on the Pilgrimage in December is part of this and also trusting the guidance receieved by Spirit and my invisible friends.
I feel fear and excitement at the same time. Breaking up with the old and stepping into the new. The Aquarian Age is coming. <3

May you have a beautiful day full of blessings! 🙂

In Love and Light


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