Lord Kuthumi 1440 Ascended Masters Desert Gathering


In preparation for the Egyptian Pilgrimage in December this channeling is one piece in the puzzle.

This is an excerpt from the channeling “Lord Kuthumi 1440 Ascended Masters Desert Gathering” channeled by Michelle Manders.

All Rights Reserved & Copyright Michelle Manders Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 13 April 2006.

You can find the complete channeling at the Palace of Peace website here: http://www.palaceofpeace.net/default.php?ipkCat=27&sid=27

“The wisdom of the Bushmen and the history as such, is missing, and in many of the ancient cultures their true origin is not present within history, which is what has made it such a problem. The depiction in history is mainly about how they were deprived of their sacred lands, how the white man came in and took their space, as the white man did with the Native American Indians, the Aborigines and many other sacred cultures. Thus the Bushmen are the catalyst reviving the ancient truths by which they lived, similar to that of the Native American Indian and Aboriginal people. It is the collaboration with nature that is vital.

In all these cultures they mastered the ability to live in harmony with Mother Earth. Western civilisation completely annihilated that and labelled them barbaric or an unevolved system of humans who did not have the capacity to evolve intellectually and pushed them by the way, simply as waste. Now the so-called waste of the lands is bearing fruit; people are discovering that within the great waste lands many treasures have lain hidden, and it is their knowledge of the stars, therefore astronomy, as well as astrology, their connection with the animals of their environment and nature in its flora consciousness. This will prove to the western world how far they have regressed, even though technologically there has been a tremendous amount of synthetic progression.

“Coming back to Earth” is the key for humans, not only grounding yourselves back in your body by seeing that life is something that you are meant to live; an arena in which you have the opportunity to experience immense joy, but it is also the process of getting in touch with the Earth, and rebuilding that relationship; working in collaboration with Mother Earth rather than separating the two worlds resulting in a divorce of consciousness, a separation between Heaven and Earth, body and Spirit. It is even evident in the aspects of self where one does not feel in touch with other aspects of the self, so Bushmen are helping in the re-union of the original sacred origin within self; that reconnection to the stars.”

I find it very interesting and totally resonating with what I feel.

We have forgotten to listen to Mother Nature for too long and it is now time to change that. It is also time to honour and follow the example of the indigenous people living on Mother Earth.
It’s all kind of simple. Going back to Mother Nature is simple, but can yet be difficult as many other simple things. It is we that complicate things. We haven’t been trained to keep things simple. Rather the opposite.
Within simplicity lies the genious solutions as well. It is up to us to choose whether we will come back to Mother Nature or not.
I for sure wouldn’t be able to breathe without being close to her since she is my lungs. I feel totally at home when I am with her. <3

May you have a magical day full of natural blessings!

In Love and Light


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