Egyptian Pilgrimage Channeling


In the process of preparing for the pilgrimage to Egypt in december Michelle has channeled 2 messages from Mary Magdalene and the Ascended Masters.

The first one was very powerful and made me feel extremely humble and touched bringing me to tears. I feel deeply honoured to be a part of this journey and the group going there.

I have noticed a shift in energies during the past two weeks and an increased sensibility. In the forest a couple of days ago I recieved some beautiful sound/music in combination with some geometrical patterns that worked through me like a bertical spiral. Very powerful and beautiful 🙂
I also feel happy and an inner peace and power that is new to me.
It’s such a fantastic journey in itself!

The channelings are available on the Palace of Peace website if you are interested. Palace of Peace

You can also find 2 free channelings connected to what this work is all about. I will get back to one of them specifically in connection to the importance of coming back to Mother Nature. 🙂

May you have a blessed, beautiful day! 🙂

In Love and Light


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