Preparing for Egyptian Pilgrimage


Being on the spiritual path together with my fellow light worker family around the globe this year is something special. We have already passed some very interesting and important dates on our journey into the Aquarian age and more is yet to come.

Many light workers will be joining at different places on the planet celebrating and anchoring the new energies on the date of 12:12:12. Many different sources speak of this particular date and all the aspects of it.

I have been called to join Michelle Manders and Sean Manders on a pilgrimage to Egypt taking place in December. (For more information and details: ) This will be my first visit to Egypt, though I’ve always felt a very strong connection to the country, its pyramids and history. I feel extremely excited and honored to do this, since we will be activating and anchoring energies that will be influencing not just myself but also the rest of the world. Yes I know it sounds grand and it sure is, but remember that this is one part of the big puzzle. There are many light workers doing many different things for Mother Earth in helping with her ascension and everything is just as important. We just have different roles to play and they are all needed and serve the greater good.

In preparation for the journey Michelle has now begun to deliver channelings to the pilgrims traveling and to the guardians and gatekeepers. I worked through the first one last Friday and had an immense reaction to it. I felt extremely humble to be able to participate in this event. I know as well that this pilgrimage will change my life in a profound way. It is now time.

The second channeling arrived today and since I’ve been home with an immense cold I’ve had the opportunity to work through it today. Michelle has also advised us to work through some other channelings connected to the work we will be doing. There’s a bunch of “invisible” buddies working and assisting us during this. An impressive bunch I must add. And a bunch I am truly honored to be working with. <3

I thought I would write about this on this blog continuously and share my experiences. I have also been guided to create a book during the journey consisting of a combination of text, pictures, sounds and scent. This will be published sometime around the new year. If possible considering Internet-connections I will also write and publish pictures here during the journey.

This is just the beginning of something beautiful and very exciting. 🙂

May you have a beautiful day full of blessings!

In Love and Light

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