Reprogramming my self and my dog :-)


Our 2,5 year old dog has just joined a boot camp with a bunch of other dogs with dog trainer Carolin. She’s a straight forward trainer with a big heart and is taking care of a bunch of dogs. Our dog is one of them. 🙂

When I first met Carolin she immediately made it clear that we need to work on his behaviour. This means training him but also me and my family. I am truly grateful to recieve this help since I know that we need it. We’ve not taken his training seriously enough and now it has become partly unpleasant when meeting other dogs. So now is the time.

Interesting it is that we need to break old patterns and replace them with new ones. This goes for all in the family. We, the humans are supposed to be leaders for this little dog. (Though he thinks he is big…;-) )

When reprogramming like this it may take more time than when training from the beginning since we need to break patterns already established and used for a while. It takes determination, patience and perserverance as well as awareness.

When in the middle of this I realize that the process is similar to the process of reprogramming myself when it comes to my transformation process here on Mother Earth connected to the New Earth. Same but different.

It is possible to learn old dogs how to sit, but it may take a while.

And I am reprogramming myself into the New Earth.

Have a wonderful day full of magic and beauty!

In Love and Light


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