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Is my Will different from the Will of God?

While reading “The Book of Love” by Kathleen McGowan I came across a part that speaks of being in service to God, to serve and follow God’s will and not my own.
My primary reaction to this was quite interesting, feeling resistance and some anger. I realize at that moment that this is something I need to work with.

In the process of surrendering and letting go, a part of it to me is all about letting go of my own will and what the ego wants and says. What is then so hard about letting go of my will?
“I know how it goes. I end up loosing it all as always before. Why would it be different this time?”
This part of me is possible to talk to. By doing that through my journal I also bring forth the parts of me that needs healing, bringing it to the light and by doing this, processing it.

This works for me so I do it every day. Layer by layer until I am free, free from within. 🙂

So right now I am focusing on letting go of my will and follow God’s will. Trusting that all will reveal itself in divine and perfect timing I know the resistance will disappear when the process is finished.
Step by step with patience and perserverence I will be free.

But is really my will not the will of Mother Father God?

I wish you a blessed day wherever you are!

In Love and Light


Nature’s Beauty

It is cold outside today, below zero and there has been a shift in Mother Nature.
The cold has resulted in the landscape being covered in white frost crystals, sparkling with the rainbow colours in the sun. Natural beauty that makes my heart and soul sing 🙂

When looking closer at the ice crystals they are perfect . This is true magic to me for those who are willing to see. The shift from autumn to winter is now happening.
When walking in the beauty of the shifting forest I hear the sound of freezimg leaves falling to the ground.
The lake is still and misty with a thin layer of ice beginning to build on the surface. I see the beauty, I feel it and I enjoy it fully.
I am so blessed. 🙂

May you have a beautiful day! <3

In Light and Love


The challenge to love and accept others

One of my greatest challenges is to love the people who are the hardest ones to love.
An example of this is the few ones who are in control of the banks in this world. When i realized how the banking system really works a couple of years ago I got very upset and felt so increadibly angry with those few who sit on top of it all.

Marianne Williamson is an excellent ambassador of love and her way of seeing things has inspired and helped me a lot. Thanks to her and others and of course myself as well, I now choose to send love to all the people working in the financial system around the world. Seeing all in a sacred white light, the grip on the rest of humanity loosen up and everything becoming lighter, brighter. To the people behind it all, controlling it all I send the absolutely whitest and brightest blessed light, penetrating these humans into every iny,tiny part of them until there is only sacred white light in and around them.
Can you feel it?
Can you see the change?

I do this as soon as I see a bank office or sign instead of falling in to anger and victim consciousness. With each time it is more and more simple to do. Simple and yet very powerful. 🙂

If it resonates with you please try it 🙂

May you have a blessed day! 🙂

In Love and Light


Pilgrim preparation part three

The third channeling in preparation for Egypt arrived yesterday. It was Mary Magdalene who delivered the message.

It was a powerful message to me where much is all about what the driving forces are in ours lives and more specifically in my life. As always it is all about changing from within myself and thus creating a different reality and at the same time affecting the rest of the world outside of my inner.

There is also a direct connection to the time of Atlantis. The changes we are going through are the greatest in Mother Earths’ history since the time of Atlantis and I see more and more how big this really is.

Many are speaking of and have spoken of 12:12:12 and the year 2012 and what is taking place now, but it is also about the years from 2012 up until 2020 where the future of this planet will be determined. The Aquarian age is just in the beginning, rising with us as co-creators.

All this makes me feel very excited and humbled at the same time. It is such a privilege and honor to be an active part of all this.
We all are and what everyone does or doesn’t do has an impact on the whole. Being aware, always in all ways and making deliberate choices along the way is a basic key. When I face my shadows I transform them and myself and when I transform myself I also transform the outer world.

Right now during this process of preparation I sleep very little, have more mood swings than usual and have noticed an increase in my senses. I hear more sound telepathically than usual and have also experienced a beautiful scent a couple of times before going to bed. There’s also a buzzing constantly in my ears since a couple of days. And the outer world is challenging me to a larger degree than normally.

So, trusting and letting go and surrender is the medicine of the day. 🙂

Wishing you a beautiful day full of magic and miracles!

In Love and Light


Letting go of control

I was programmed to be controlled and to control. Now I surrender and let go, letting God.

Freedom, true freedom is my reward.

Have a wonderful day! 🙂

In Love and Light


The colourful Tree

I can’t help myself from admiring the trees this time of the year. All the colours are amazing and it is also so exciying to see how it shifts from day to day.

This is a tree that I pass daily on my way to work. It is shining in the middle of the city and giving so much joy, pleasure to those passing it. And it also helps the city people stay connected to Mother Nature, though living in the city. Such a beautiful messenger in so many ways. I give thanks to it when I pass it. 🙂

I hope you have similar trees in your neighbourhood! 🙂

In Love and Light


Native American Russel Means quote

Wise words from a wise man who is about to end his life on Mother Earth.

May he have a blessed and beautiful transition! 🙂

In Love and Light


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