The power of difference


What if everyone was exactly the same?
We looked exactly like one another, said the same things, always had the same views on everything?
What would that be like?

Many times we get upset because of other people. They disagree, look different, smell different and talk differently sometimes in a language you don’t understand.
This may threaten us and our own reality because we need to move out of our comfort zone, open up and stretch our boundaries to meet the human beings behind the differences we experience.
If we dare to try to see and meet the differences in others we are most often richly rewarded. There is a power within these differences, a dynamic power that I find very exciting. Other people always have something to show me about myself. Meeting people from different countries make me feel rich since we all live on this planet and there is so much more to explore and learn from.
If all were the same it would be static and sort of dead.

I remind myself of this when I see human beings being treated by other human beings in a way that isn’t worthy between living beings.

So I choose to see others as possibilities instead of threats though it is sometimes challenging ๐Ÿ™‚

May you have a perfect day in harmony and beauty with many interesteing and happy meetings with other people! ๐Ÿ™‚

In Love and Light


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