Those who trigger you may be your greatest blessing

So is this an annoying stranger crashing uninvited in the sunflower? Or is it maybe a guest that has a purpose and a message that may not be seen at once? πŸ™‚

I have decided to stay in my centre, keeping calm and peaceful and to act from that state of mind during my day at work and everywhere else. In that state of mind everything coming to me that isn’t in balance and harmony cannot touch me or throw me off balance. Instead it is transformed into peace and harmony. Β This is part of my re-written contract with my Self that I reviewed recently.

I have managed to keep this quite well for the past two weeks, but yesterday I was triggered off my balance by a person in an extreme state of stress. It took less than seconds to be thrown off balance and into a state of immediate anger instead. Her stress was not transformed in any way but just received by me and transmitted to some other people around me. I never stay angry for long, so the worst part was over as quickly as it came and then I turned on my awareness again to see what this was really all about. What interested me was what had triggered me to allow myself to be thrown off balance in that way. The key to me, still feeling stress and anger, was to find out the reason why and to bring it into the light so I could see it and be free of it.

I’ve had situations like this before and I know that when I ask for help toΒ my Higher Self, Spirit, my guardian angel and all the other helpers available 24/7/365 it always works. Without exception. The answers don’t always come in the way I think they will, though, but they always deliver the answers I need. In perfect ways and with perfect timing as it shows afterwards. This is something I am truly and deeply grateful for. πŸ™‚

So, I asked for help and “talked” to my journal about the whole situation and found that this is related to unresolved issues, partly unknown and unseen to me, from my early childhood. These specific parts of my childhood where I was not seen for who I really was, my needs not being met then, have now been brought up from a subconscious level to the conscious and seen for what they are. This is where the magic happens, where the old and unreleased can surface, be brought to the light and loose its power over me.

This is a process that I apply continuously in my life on the way to freedom and it works perfectly for me. It’s all about the old ancient wisdom: “Know thyself ” . By knowing myself in this way I take my power back. Taking layer by layer, unveiling until nothing more is left.

In this process i don’t see the woman who triggered me as an enemy or some kind of bad person. On the contrary: she is a true gift acting as a teacher and a way-shower to me. I have very clearly asked to be free and she has been one of the steps in helping me to become just that.

That’s why I thank Spirit for sending her to me and give thanks for this gift appearing on my path right now. πŸ™‚


May you have a beautiful day full of blessings and magic! πŸ™‚


In Light and Love


Just another Light Feather πŸ™‚

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