The art of everyday healing


Many think that healing is either religious related done by preachers or that it takes a booked appointment with a healer in a quiet room with candles burning.

To me healing can be done everywhere by anybody.
We give healing by giving energy with an intention. A mother gives healing to her child on a daily basis. A stranger on the street gives you a beautiful smile that sarms you up. That is also a kind of healing, though we don’t think of it in that way most of the time. 🙂

I do. And I also deliberately give and send healing on an everyday basis. Of course I have the possibility to use techniques that I learned when studying healing, but most of the time I follow my intuition and my guides’ advice.

This can be done on the bus or the train when I simply bless the people on board or in a meeting at work where I do the
same and also draw Light and Love into the space.
By being kind to the people during the day I also give healing.
We all do, but we aren’t always aware of it 🙂

These simple actions on a day to day basis give more effect than many think. Small acts of kindness, goodness and Love are very powerful and they make you feel good as a giver and as a reciever. Always a win-win for all. 🙂

I hope you will have a blessed day with much healing and joy! 🙂

In Love and Light

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