Beautiful messenger


I work from home today and was putting an old pair of jeans on when this beautiful butterfly that must have been hiding in those jeans flew out. It was a bit drowsy and so beautiful. 🙂

I took her very gently with me outside, opened my hands for her to fly. She stayed a short while saying thank you, good luck and good bye and then flew away up in the windy air of today.

I felt an extreme happiness and bliss to have met her and to have been able to give her the freedom to fly away.
Truly beautiful!

When I looked in my book of messenges from the animal kingdom it said that the message from this type of  butterfly is about breaking new ground, creating new life.

I feel deeply grateful and blessed by recieving such a beautiful message. <3

May you have a beautiful day full of blessings like this or better! 🙂

In Love and Light

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