Messages from Spirit


This was taken where my dog and I met one moose mother and her two calves. I didn’ t manage to catch them on a picture since they ran away too fast. We were exploring a new part of the forest nearby, my dog was loose and it was all beautiful with a feeling of being the first explorers of the place where we were. I noticed the dog sniffing with an extra interest and being more excited than usual. When I turned my head a bit to the right I saw the moose family coming down a slope just about 50 meters away. I got hold of the dog who then saw the animals and started barking in a very intense and different way. And then they were gone.
Big animals even though the two calves were smaller than their mother. The dog cried as if he was missing one of his buddies. Felt a bit strange and very humbling at the same time.
We were actually visitors in their home and I felt a bit bad about my raising my voice to the dog for him not to run against them and scaring them at the same time.
Still it was a beautiful experience to be so close to them and I felt blessed. 🙂
During our walk today I asked for directions and was in this way also led to meeting the moose family. Nothing happens by chance in my world and the animals and plants I meet are all messengers to me. There’s always a meaning in seeing specific animals, insects,plants and trees to me at just that time and place. I have a couple of wonderful guidebooks written by Solöga that I use dor help when the message isn’t clear to me.
According to the animal guide book the moose tells us to be satisfied. This moose mother and her two kids brought me this wonderful message that makes total sense to me. I trust it and give my deepest thanks to Spirit for giving it to me in this way.

What messages do you recieve in your life? 🙂

May you have a wonderful day full of messages and blessings! 🙂

In Love and Light


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