Happy Buddha time! :-)


Does being spiritual mean that you need to be serious all the time?

I love the happy Buddha and have a few happy Buddhas in my home. Every time I see them I feel happy and I feel lighter. Since I’ve been quite a “serious” person these Buddhas help me in remembering to have fun and en-joy life. I used to think that others wouldn’t take me seriously if I didn’t act seriously all the time. Now I feel rather the opposite. Being happy is a human right and allowing my Self to laugh and have fun is essential and having enough distance to myself to be able to laugh at myself is a strength rather than a weakness. 🙂 I can still be taken for a serious person.
Being spiritual doesn’t mean that we cannot be human. On the contrary I’d say that being human is part of being here. Spiritual people who are denying their “human-ness” are often in the clouds, not walking their talk. I’ve been there and was fortunate to have a very good friend who dared to confront me on this, which resulted in me deciding to walk my talk and also talk my walk. 😉

En-joying life in my human body and taking care of my human body is just as important as praying, affirmation, meditation and other spiritual practices. It’s all different pieces of the puzzle to me that makes the whole me function and feel good.
Being aware is a key of course and having the courage to see parts of myself that are dark or ugly, acknowledge and accept them and bring them into the Light, thus transforming them. I do not always feel happy, but I believe I am positive and use a positive attitude even when facing my dark sides and I’ve noticed that the more darkness I face and transform, the happier I feel. And within
that happiness lies an immense power. 🙂

So I choose to be as happy as possible, finding and seeing things that makes me laugh and smile. Simple as that! 🙂

I wish you a really happy, awesome day! 🙂

In Love and Light


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