I am Love, I am Love. I am :-)


This little froggie said hello this morning <3

Every morning I do some simple things to set the energies for the day.
First I write in my journal. Very often I have different experiences during the night time and I usially write them down when waking up in order to catch as much as possible before I forget. Writing helps me process what is happening in my life so I do this every day. I also talk to my invisible friends who are my spiritual coaches. My guardian angel, Archangel Gabriel is my buddy on a daily basis and assists and supports me in an awesome way. 🙂

I also do some simple yoga to also take care of my body. Walking the dog in Mother Nature is also a daily routine that gives me fresh air and vital connection to the energies Mother Earth holds. These are healing and extremly important for my well being.

What I also do on my way to work is that I meditate. This I do with the help of my iPod-buddies. 🙂 I use different kinds of sound from different sources.
One of these is Natalie Glasson.
She is a very gifted spiritual channell and teacher. I often use one if her guided affirmations which is 10 minutes of building the energy of "I am Love" and then integrating it. This is a practice that works perfect for me right now. Take a look at her website School of Om Na for this and other free meditations if it resonates with you. 🙂

Tomorrow is another day and there may be another choice for me. 🙂 The freedom to choose is always mine, and yours as well.

May you have a really awesome, blessed day! <3

In Love and Light,

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