The need to re-sign


There is a gap between what I do and what I want to do.

I have come to realize that I am at a crossroad where I need to choose where to go and where the options are several.
At first I thought there was only one solution: to quit my job as quckly as possible and just go with the flow and do things I love and feel is fun.
What happened when I was dwelling on this was that a voice from within told me that the important thing right now is to re-sign. At first I thought that this meant to quit my job as described above but then I realized that the most important thing is to re-sign the contract with my Self.
This is the core in what I want to and am willing to do and gives the direction to my new life, because new it will be when this contract is re-written.

Between me and my Self.
A holy contract to be followed in truth and loyalty to Self. Not to be broken in order to be able to live an authentic life.
Basic stuff to put it in other words, because this contract rules the rest of my world. 🙂
I will only do things according to this contract from now on.
This is a key to my happines and fortune, I can sense that and will result in a choice of path that will be totally awesome and perfect for me.

Magical it is. <3

In Love and Light


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