With an attitude of gratitude


There’s a woman close to a hundred years old that I know. We used to rent a summer house from her family when I was a kid. She’s always been such a generous, kind and positive woman. These days she lives in a flat in the nearby village. Her husband died some years before and she stayed in their house for some years until she couldn’t cope that by herself anymore. She can’t see that well anymore and her memory isn’t what it used be, so when my mother talks to her on the phone it takes a while for her to figure out who she’s talking to. Her body is aking most of the time and she needs a lot of help in her daily life. I was told that she sometimes manages to go shopping on her own even though her eyes can’t see much. She just asks for help and trust that she will recieve it.
There are many things that this beautiful lady shows me by just being. Her name is Märta.

I hadn’t really realized what one of her greatest secrets is until yeaterday when my mother (who is now 90 years of age) and I spoke of her. My mother feels that she has lived a good life and tries not to complain, though her used body now restricts her from doing those things she loved to do and her memory has become worse. She has managed all of her life without needing any help. Now she can’t anymore which is probably one of the biggest challenges in her life. We spoke of this and she said that she doesn’t want to complain, because it dosen’t make things better. She then mentioned Märta as a role model to her. Märta has never ever complained about her situation and she is always very grateful. So we spoke about gratefulness and the simple power that lies in being grateful, focusing on the good things, turning lemons into lemonade by seeking and finding blessings and tresures within everything that happens.
I’m not sure that dear Märta consciously chooses this approach but she does choose it and use it and serves as an amazing role model to all who she comes in contact with.

I deliberatley chose the way of gratitude after hearing and reading about it a couple of years ago and feeling that there was something immensley powerful in living in an attitude of gratitude. It has changed my life. There aren’t “good” things and “bad” things anymore but only good things because what I used to see as bad I now choose to see as blessings in disguise, hidden treasures. A possibility to unveil my Self, to dis-cover who I am and to come closer to my own freedom. I am increadibly grateful for finding this way of being and for having the patience and perserverance it has taken to make this a natural part of my daily life. It has taken a lot of training, support and courage to try, try, try and try again and it is so worth it! 🙂

Many of those in different kinds of spiritual practices know about the power of gratitude and it is included in many ancient teachings. Lady Märta is probably unaware of this and is still a fantastic role model to us all when it comes to practicing this simple and beautiful way of life.

Sending my deepest gratitude to Lady Märta and my dear old Mother for all that they are. For this I am deeply grateful. <3

In Love and Light


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