Small actions with great impact

It’s often very easy to think about things and to talk about the
things that we think of. The step to go from thinking to taking action is many times bigger. Walking the talk and really practice what we preach is even more unusual and a step even further since it’s not just about taking action. It’s also about taking actions that are in alignment with what you say.

I used to be one of those who presented a lot of wise words but didn’t always live accordingly. Fortunately a very dear friend of mine dared to show me this. It resulted in my redrawing from the spritual field where I realized that I had seen myself as a kind of authority, but in many ways didn’t live and act according to what I said. I then decided to do what it would take to really walk the talk and not just talk.

Being aware is a key in this case and in life in general. A key in understanding who I am and if I really do the things I talk to others about doing as well. To take actions that are aligned with your words is one thing. That is part of being authentic. It takes awareness, a will to change and take action and then awareness to be able to see if the change had the effect that you wished for.

Taking action in itself is kind of interesting. What is really an action?

I used to think that taking action is all about taking big action, to do big things that everyone easily can notice. That is of course my view of it, a result of what I have experienced and how I view the world. The interesting thing is that I noticed and realized that there are so many ways to take action and that an action doesn’t always mean that you do things physically. An example of this is the action of active surrender. That is when you actively choose not to act but to surrender and don’t act. Leaving it all to Spirit. The action in that case is the active choice within not to act. So to me choices within yourself is also a kind of action. These choices then result in manifestations of different kinds in the 3D world, since we create our own world from within.
This has been a revolutionary insight for me which has been extremely helpful in putting my energy on the things that gives most effect. I’ve also come to realize and respect the subliminal world in a totally different way and the importance of details. The small things we choose to do and think has an immense effect on us, others and the lives we live.

Being kind to other people only be smiling to someone is an act of random kindness that has a great impact on the All as well as your own world. Doing small things to anyone in your everyday life just for the joy of it.

Small actions that adds up and helps both you and the receiver to feel well and something that also adds to the well-being of the whole planet since we are All One.

So, actions does not need to be big deeds to have great effect. Small things are important, but we often don’t realize what importance they have. 🙂

Isn’t it beautiful to be a part of the big puzzle and to be able to contribute in small and very easy ways?

I for one love it. <3

In Love and Light


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