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This is what Doreen Virtue says on her fan page on FaceBook today:
‎”2012 is 12 noon from an energy standpoint. At 12 noon, the light is the brightest and the shadows are the darkest. You may notice this duality in the people in your lives.

The light is calling you to open your heart fully, to honor your increasing sensitivity, and to speak and act with kindness and love. Your increasing sensitivity is steering you toward healthy changes in your lifestyle, career path, location of your home, and your relationships.

Those who are threatened or intimidated by emotions may close down further through increased addictions. This includes addictions to alcohol, food, drugs, video games, shopping, gossiping, worrying, and other toxic behaviors or substances. Addictions eclipse the bright light, so they live in the dark shadows. This blocks awareness of the upward propelling energy. They may act unkindly and unlovingly toward others because the addictions are steering them upon the path of fear. Addictions make people fearful of love, happiness, and other tender feelings.

The angels are here with us all. Right now, the angels are next to you. They’ve heard your prayers and they are giving you helpful guidance as their answers.

Some of their guidance includes:

* Encouraging you to make healthful life changes in where you live and work; what you eat and drink; exercise; and sleep. The angels will help you, if you’ll ask for their help.

* Reassuring you that you’re safe and encouraging you to enjoy your life right now, no matter what’s going on around you. The angels teach us that happiness has a miraculous healing effect that radiates outwardly to everyone who comes in contact with its warm, loving energy.

* Teaching you to trust your feelings and intuition. If you feel that someone is lying to you, manipulating you, or is untrustworthy . . . trust those feelings! If you feel that it’s time to move to a new location, then start the process by looking for a new place . . . even if you think you can’t afford it. Once you start actions in the direction of your guidance, the universe picks you up and carries you the rest of the way.

* Asking you to get involved in healing, protecting, and saving Mother Earth’s environment. ANY step you take toward environmentalism is deeply appreciated!

* Guiding you to release the past, especially heavy and toxic anger and unforgiveness. The angels counsel you to let it all go, so that you can fully enjoy this present moment.

* Imploring you to love yourself! Value and honor who you are. Stop criticizing yourself. Appreciate how beautiful and awesome you are right now.

After 16 years of teaching people how to hear their angels, I can tell you that you DO hear your guardian angels. It’s a matter of turning up the volume and then trusting what you hear . . .and taking action where guided.

One of the best ways to clear and amplify the volume of your divine guidance is through the process of detoxing. Detoxing clears the static off the lines of divine communication. Detoxing helps you to live from your Higher Self’s loving wisdom. Detoxing helps you to hear the universe’s truth. Detoxing helps you to know what’s the next step for you to take upon the path of your highest purpose.

Since 9 in Angel Numbers means, “Get to work, Lightworker, and stop procrastinating your purpose,” we’re going to offer free detox support for you in Month 9 – September – Angel Detox Month!

Starting September 1, we’re going to be starting a detox support group right here on this page (free of charge of course), and I’ll be posting daily messages and videos to help and encourage you. I’ll be joined by others who can offer their wisdom and support during your detox program.

So start thinking about what you’d like to (or be willing to) detox from starting September 1. Have honest conversations with yourself and your angels about your substance and behavioral addictions, and how they’re affecting your self-esteem, energy levels, relationships, and life purpose. If you need to consult your doctor or therapist about detoxing, now would be a great time to take those steps in preparation for Angel Detox Month!

Together, we can accomplish miracles!

With Love and Respect,
Doreen ”

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In Love and Light


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