Revival of native people


In the mid 80’s I bought a poster with a North American Indian chief on it. He looked proud, had a very straight back, wise eyes and leather like skin. There was a prophecy written on the bottom of the poster. I don’t remember the exact words, but it said that there would come a day when the white man would listen to the red man and that the red man would show the white man a way to live in peace and harmony with Spirit, Mother Earth and all who live here.

Native people around the world have been surpressed and minimalized for a very long time. Living close to nature is something they have in common. Many have lost contact with their roots and the old ways of their people.
This seems to be changing right now.

These people are role models to me, showing us a way of life that is about living close to nature, honouring and respecting all living things and living in the knowing that all is One.

Mother Nature has it all. She is always ready to talk and listen to you if you will allow for it to happen.
Native people know this and they treasure it in a natural and beautiful way. I honour these people and choose to learn from them and their traditions since I see their ways as the future ways for the rest of us.

I give all my love and respect to the native people on this planet.

In Love and Light


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