Nature my Be-Loved


I just got back from a long walk in the forest with my dog. (hm…. One may wonder if he is mine really. Can you really own an animal? I don’t think so. That is another discussion though ) Walking in the forest is one of my favourite things to do. Walking, listening, feeling, exploring and being free to do whatever I feel like. A very good old friend of mine also recently reminded me of how to just enjoy Nature. This has been a very good reminder to me since I’ve been kind of a workaholic. Not just when it comes to what we call “work” but when it comes to practically anything and everything. You don’t have to do things all the time, and you do ‘t have to be useful all the time either.
By just being and en-joying you honour yourself and you also honour what you are en-joying. It’s quite simple actually. Mother Earth thanks you for honouring Her and wants you to be with Her, interact with her and stay close to her.


I do not always know how these walks will end which is also a part of the magic in it. To just allow the flow to show me what to do, where to go and how to do it is how I prefer to have it.

A week ago I found a new forest close to where I live. This felt like a wonderful gift since I had been walking in another forest close by, also working with an energy portal in that part and now felt very strongly to explore some new territory.
The portal doesn’t need the same help right now, so off to new adventures I went.

In there is a part that is immensely green, old, wise and so beautiful. All the beings that live there talk to me in harmonious languages, singing frequencies and sounds. I feel like I am One with All that Is in there. This is a feeling and an experience I would like to be able to share with others. Others who wish to, that is. Integrity and free will is of course basic ingredients in this case. 🙂
Inside the forest I do and go what and where I feel guided to. Total freedom at it’s best!

This day I was soaked in the deep green light, the incredible scent and the harmonious whispers coming to me. I allowed myself to loose myself within this and go into that altered state of mind. Enjoying it all in Joy in the Here and Now. Indescribable. Bliss. Total awareness. Amazing.
I totally love it! It is like recharging the batteries, filling up and also aligning with the Creator, the One. It helps me awaken and transform.
Many insights come to me while being outside. Many more than when I’m inside. I also feel deep inner peace much easier. For this I am very greatful.
Being in Nature is one of the simplest ways of healing. I’ve practiced to quiet my mind and listen. If I am not able to listen, then I cannot be able to hear what the forest has to tell me.

Today I asked for eatable mushrooms and followed the guidance I recieved on where to go. I was blessed with all the mushroom I needed and at the same time I felt even more trust to the hunches and guidance I recieve. Building up even more trust in my Self which is useful in any other situation.


Doctors in the beginning of the 20th Century used to prescribe “Fresh air” as medicine. I wish that many more doctors would do the same these days, since we regain our power and heal ourselves in a large degree when we spend time outdoors. It is one of the most simple and empowering things we can do as human beings. It is also a simple and powerful way to honour Mother Earth and give her the Love she so much deserves.

I hope you en-joy your forests and find how it benefits your Self!

Much Love and Light

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