Keeping it simple


We so often believe that things are and need to be complicated. The truth is that keeping things simple is one of the most powerful things we can do.

Take a look at the plants growing. It’s so simple and yet it is so advanced when you look at the designs in every living thing. A seed grows. It develops and becomes a plant. It just is. And it follows the season and all the other cycles of Life. It just is. It has no need to be complicated.
It is part of the One and follow the flow regardless of what happens. It allows, accepts and growths here and now.
And all growing things have beauty in them. Great beauty that differs between different plant. Growing things, just being. Simple and powerful at the same time,
Because the power of growth is big and exists wthin every living being.

When we keep things simple we can put the most of our energy on the things we do. We don’t split our energy on
many different things and also get a higher output just by that. We often waste a lot of energy on unnecessary things.
Simplicity is a basic key in getting what you want.
It is most definitely possible to use on everything in your life.
Clutter clearing at home, getting rid of unused stuff for example. Just do things you really want to do is another.
I have also found that when I trust and follow my intuition everything feels easier and lighter and that it always are simpler solutions presented by my Higher Self than when I try to figure it out only by using my mind.

To me the feathers that keep showing up wherever I go is a simple reminder to be light as a feather and to keep things easy and simple.

I hope you will find your own way to find the power that lies within the simpleness in life.

In Love and Light

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