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Dancing joy: “Where the hell is Matt?” :-)

Love this guy! 🙂
Makes me feel happy and that we are all One.

Please enjoy in joy 🙂

In Love and Light

I am Love, I am Love. I am :-)


This little froggie said hello this morning <3

Every morning I do some simple things to set the energies for the day.
First I write in my journal. Very often I have different experiences during the night time and I usially write them down when waking up in order to catch as much as possible before I forget. Writing helps me process what is happening in my life so I do this every day. I also talk to my invisible friends who are my spiritual coaches. My guardian angel, Archangel Gabriel is my buddy on a daily basis and assists and supports me in an awesome way. 🙂

I also do some simple yoga to also take care of my body. Walking the dog in Mother Nature is also a daily routine that gives me fresh air and vital connection to the energies Mother Earth holds. These are healing and extremly important for my well being.

What I also do on my way to work is that I meditate. This I do with the help of my iPod-buddies. 🙂 I use different kinds of sound from different sources.
One of these is Natalie Glasson.
She is a very gifted spiritual channell and teacher. I often use one if her guided affirmations which is 10 minutes of building the energy of "I am Love" and then integrating it. This is a practice that works perfect for me right now. Take a look at her website School of Om Na for this and other free meditations if it resonates with you. 🙂

Tomorrow is another day and there may be another choice for me. 🙂 The freedom to choose is always mine, and yours as well.

May you have a really awesome, blessed day! <3

In Love and Light,

I am here to follow my Joy :-)



In Love and Light

Good Morning Light


When walking the dog in the morning I saw this picture and manage to catch it with the camera. I love mornings and walking in Mother Nature. It’s such a wonderful way to start the day.
Walking the same places and yet it’s different from day to day, moment to moment and kind of exciting to see what it is like this day. How will this day be?

May you have a blessed day full of magic and beautiful Light! 🙂

In Love and Light

Transformation going on :-)


Two nights in a row waning up in the middle of the night, different kinds of phenomenem happening during night time. This night I woke up at about 2 pm dreaming a very real, surreal nightmare including some kind of zombies. Allowing it, trusting that this is part of cleansing and purging old stuff makes it an experience, but not something that I am.
Some brutal deaths also appeared, came to the surface. I allowed it all, asked for help with letting go and cleansing.

I finally fell asleep again and the process continued though I don’t remember it all. What I do remember is the Goddess beneath a very thin veil. The veil was pink and the beauty in the energy was so immense, so extremely powerful, not like anything I’ve experienced before.
She is coming through and I am blessed. <3
It is always so rewarding to dare to jump into my shadows, which also motivates me in continuing in doing it.
I am also very often sursprised by what happens since
It is so often not what I had imagined in a very good way. 🙂

And so it all continues.

May you have a beautiful, blessed day! 🙂

In Light and Love

The need to re-sign


There is a gap between what I do and what I want to do.

I have come to realize that I am at a crossroad where I need to choose where to go and where the options are several.
At first I thought there was only one solution: to quit my job as quckly as possible and just go with the flow and do things I love and feel is fun.
What happened when I was dwelling on this was that a voice from within told me that the important thing right now is to re-sign. At first I thought that this meant to quit my job as described above but then I realized that the most important thing is to re-sign the contract with my Self.
This is the core in what I want to and am willing to do and gives the direction to my new life, because new it will be when this contract is re-written.

Between me and my Self.
A holy contract to be followed in truth and loyalty to Self. Not to be broken in order to be able to live an authentic life.
Basic stuff to put it in other words, because this contract rules the rest of my world. 🙂
I will only do things according to this contract from now on.
This is a key to my happines and fortune, I can sense that and will result in a choice of path that will be totally awesome and perfect for me.

Magical it is. <3

In Love and Light


Autumn is coming closer


After some heavy rain for a couple of days the temperature dropped and it now feels like autumn is in the air. For the first time this summer I need both socks and shoes not to get cold. Unusual and a bit sad since I feel the summer ending. This summer has been a good one though so everything is just as it should be. We live in a world of cycles where life is followed by death which is then followed by rebirth and so it goes on. Natural flows of Life where every season has it’s own charm and function.
So I decide to enjoy the last days of summer preparing to shift into autumn, looking forward to what lies ahead. 🙂

May you have a blessed day!

In Love and Light


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