Going back to basics

How is it that we run through our lives in a survival mode? Everything just going faster and faster?

Why are we letting ourselves be slaves under the clock and calendar?

According to The Hathors in Tom Kenyon’s book: ‘Message of the Hathors’ there are three different qualities of time of interest to us:

1. Biological time

2. Time according to Mother Moon

3. Intergalactic time

So what does this mean and what’s the difference between this and the time we measure with clocks and calenadars?

1. Bilogical time is simply time according to your body (or your biological system to put it in other words).

Most of us have lunch between specific times of the day (according to time measured by a clock), but your body may not always tell you that it wants food at that time. It may say that sleep or rest is wanted. Or that it wants activity. That is your true biological time.

Your biological time is yours. The biological time may differ between differenet humans.

2. Time according to Mother Moon is the time we used before the Gregorian Calendar was established. It is based on Mother Moon’s cycles. These cycles affect us and the life around us, though we have had a tendency to forget this. Some say that the Gregorian Calendar was estabslished to make us humans forget about who we really are and how we connect to Mother Moon and Mother Nature and all living things around us.

3. Intergalactic time is the time where the galaxy’s interact with each other with reference to The Great Central Sun. It’s also about the flow and interaction with and relationship to the galaxies and our Sun. This also influences us, but in a different way than the other two.

What to do then since we need to keep appointments set on specific clock-times and at specific calendar-dates?

Well, try to listen more to your body and trust it. If you have the possibility eat, sleep, gor for a walk etc when your body wants instead of when at set clock-times.  Being aware of the biological time will shift your experience and help you feel better. It will connect you to the wisdom of your body.

Start following the Moon’s cycles and make notes or journal on how the different faces effect you. This will reconnect you to the ancient knowledge of our ancestors and our true origin.

There are lot’s of information on the Internet about this as well. lunarium.co.uk is one of these sites. They also have an iPhone app available for you. This app makes it possible to follow the lunar cycles on a daily bases on your iPhone. I use it myself to be more able to interact with Mother Moon and her cycles. Being aware and having the knowledge on how it works are the keys.

Connect with Father Sun on a daily basis and feel your connection with the Sun and our Universe. Acknowledge the Sun and that you are part of a vast community that cannot be measured by your clock or the calendar as you have been using it.

This is one way to reconnect to our true nature and to the nature of Mother Moon and Father Sun. When we do this we honor ourselves and our origin. Reconnecting with Mother Earth becomes a natural part in this process as you may notice while doing this. We are One with Mother Earth and the rest of our Universe – with or without a clock or a calendar. To experience that is truly a bliss 🙂

Here’s Tom Kenyon’s site for more information on The Hathors and what Tom is up to:


Good luck with the process!

In Love and Light

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