Peace, please

“What you resist, persist”


I used to fight. Just about everything all the time.

I didn’t use to know why, more than it was almost like a way of living.

Now, when I’ve come further on discovering who I am, I also know that I did fight to survive in my early years. My parents did their best as all parents do. Many times parents don’t love their children the way the children needs to be loved, but the way the parents need to love them.

These days I’m into peace. Totally.

I didn’t really get what peace meant before. Exploring my inner world, being open to new experiences I now am beginning to know peace, though I’m just in the beginning of it. 🙂

The more I learn about my self and the hidden, “dark” sides of me, the more at peace I feel.
What I’ve realized is also that above all I’ve been fighting myself. “As within so without .” So, of course if  I’m fighting myself within this will be reflected in the outer world as different kinds of fights as well.

One of the excellent tools for self-help from Michelle Manders and The Palace of Peace is The Dragon Footprint deck of cards and e-book. I use it quite often and it has been very useful to me. A couple of weeks ago I pulled a card connected to a text in the e-book that spoke of “active surrender”. What is that?

To choose to actively surrender, let go and let God is what it means to me. An active choice in other words and an action in opposite of what I used to think of it as something very passive.

Let go. Let God.

This really has lead me to more profound peace.
Not having to do it all by yourself, stop struggling and trusting that all is and will be well.

Simple isn’t it?

Nature is simple.

It just is.

We are the ones that make it complicated which is yet another topic: Let’s keep it simple.


In Love and Light <3

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