Solar power

Finally spring is here with a warm and sunny day. It’s so beautiful! 


Father Sun is a really awesome planet to me, now shifting just like Mother Earth, you and me and the rest of the Universe and other worlds beyond our Universe. During these times of intense change we are receiving a lot of energies from the Sun that at times may be difficult to handle causing different kinds of physical effects such as depression or feeling irritated for no apparent reason.

The wonderful sound healer Tom Kenyon has some remedies for this as well as deeper descriptions of what is really happening with the Sun and how it influences us. It is from the entities called Hathors channelled by Tom that this information has come. The article in the Hathors Archive called “Entering the Solar Storms” is good reading on this subject. There are some remedies included in the message of different kinds. I highly recommend reading it if you are interested in the subject.

I have had quite an increased activity during sleep time and found some of Tom’s suggested remedies useful. Before going to sleep I take a glass of water that I bless and ask for it to help my body during my sleep time. I also focus on things to be grateful for as much as I can during my awake hours. That’s a really simple and powerful tool. You can use it anywhere at anytime just by focusing on it and it helps you feel better at the same time as it attracts more things to be grateful for. Today I watched this ant walking beside me and felt just like a kid excited to watch this little creature loving it and my self at the same time. It’s truly a blessing to able to see and feel like that.

May the Light and Love be with you,

Light as a Feather  <3


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